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Project & Logistics

Project Cargo is a highly specialized field including point-to- point shipping services with items of a unique size, shape or weight requirement. Cargos that do not fit in standard containers or have other unusual characteristics such as size, quantity and tonnage, or have complex components that must be disassembled prior to shipping, are defined as project cargo. Our staff has expertise in Project Cargo Logistics Management – a thorough knowledge of geographic variability and destination infrastructure limitations, as well as critical experience in intermodal transportation and documentation

Our commitment to expediting your cargo while maintaining the strictest safety standards helps ensure that your logistics needs are met. Of course we also try to accomplish your move in the most economically feasible way possible, ensuring your transportation dollars return you the best value.

To meet the needs of our project cargo and heavy lift customers Grampus offers you the best solution:

    ■  Full/Part Charter party's (Time/Voyage charters).
    ■  Multimodal transport (Truck,Rail,Tug/Barge,heavy lift).
    ■  Special equipment transport (Flat Racks/Open Tops)
    ■  Site & route survey
    ■  Packing Solutions
    ■  Freight Negotiations (Long term rate validity)
    ■  Administration (Custom clearance, trade documents)